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Arts Equity Collective's Online Publishing School

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New Books

Publishers & Partners 

Moneeca “MoPoetry” Phillips

Arts Equity Collective


Sherry Cook-Stanforth

 Managing Editor of Pine Mountain, Sand, and Gravel and (UACC) Urban Appalachian

Community Coalition Core Member

Randal Daniels

 R.D. Books.

Course Offerings

“Creating Cultural Diversity in Publishing” is a unique online publishing academy and internship program presented by Arts Equity Collective. It has (2) twelve-week sessions that trains aspiring authors in the full process of publishing a manuscript: formatting, editing, copyrighting, assigning ISBN numbers and barcodes, uploading to publishing software, ordering, receiving, and approving proofs for distribution. 

Being an online academy helps us unite artists to greater impact the arts both at home and nationally while creating diversity in publishing, increasing the representation of black voices, and making BIPOC stories more accessible within the community. In addition, aspiring authors will utilize the professional publishing resources already present within the community, including our publishers and partners.




 1/6/2024 - 3/23/2024


3/30/2024 - 6/22/2024 

Course Goals


From Manuscript to Sale Ready Book

Learn the full publishing process from manuscript submission to their book being active on the distributor’s website and available for sale.


Professional Feedback 

Obtain valuable feedback from interns, professional editors, and publishers.


Own Your Story 

Secure Copyright through the Library of Congress and maintain financial freedom by having access to 100% of your royalties. 


Marketing & Promotion

Increase marketing by having their book with multiple distributors including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Apple Books and more! Plus, it online for a year with promotion by Arts Equity Collective.

Course Requirements



 Manuscript must  be completely done and ready for submission.

  • All images must be included

  •  No additional poems or stories need to be added 

  • No additional writing is needed. 

  • Books of poetry or short stories must be organized in the order you wish to publish them in.


You must have all your front matter, including:

  • Cover/title page

  •  Copyright Notice,

  • Acknowledgements,

  • Dedications

  • Introduction

  •  Preface, Foreword, or Prologue

Must  include in the order you want it to appear.

 Note: All these components aren't necessary. More info will be available the first week of November 2023.)


DO NOT COPYRIGHT YOUR WORK! Editing will occur within the community and with our editing team.

  • Your work will be screen shared

  • The only person to have a hardcopy of your work is MoPoetry Phillips, President of Arts Equity Collective.

  • You will sign a contract that fully protects your manuscript, stating that you own copyright.

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